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Get Help tackling everything from shooting & editing to managing a thriving business to taking control of your technology.

Thinking about starting a business? Or maybe you jumped right in and then quickly realized that you have NO clue what you're doing... Or maybe you've been doing this girl (or guy!) boss thing for a while and you'd like to learn a new skill...
Well friend, I'm so glad you're here because I've been there too and I'd love to help!

I'm a software engineer turned wedding photographer who has a passion for empowering creatives to take control of their technology. I hear it all the time in our industry, "I'm not tech savvy", or "I'm so computer dumb", but friend, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. You are smart, savvy, and a total boss, and I'd love to teach you everything from shooting & editing, workflow, and how to tackle the basics of backing things up, simplifying systems, and taking advantage of tools to help you be the best version of the boss you are.

Learn All the things

One on one mentoring

Sit down with me one on one to talk about what you're struggling with. Together, we will work through your questions and create actionable goals to help you grow your skills and your business!

One on One Mentoring sessions are available in person in Boerne, TX or
via Facetime or Skype! 

Choose from:

- Tools and Systems

 - Backing Up Photos and Data

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Workflow

-Task Management

- Shooting & Editing

- Lighting & Off Camera Flash

- Client Experience

- Running a successful business

- Q&A

& more!

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