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Tech Tip: Batch Edit Alt Text

  1. Jessica says:

    My mind is blown! I didn’t even know this was a thing at all!! Going home and trying this out tonight, I had no idea alt text was a big deal other than for a professional look and appeal. WOWZA! Great content Dawn!

  2. Caroline says:

    This is super helpful as a creative. I don’t use WordPress (I did for years and just don’t have the time) but my alt text is easily accessible to use. I heard the other day on a podcast that taking time to write an alt text as if your explaining the picture to someone sitting next you viewing it helps in so many ways-including SEO. Hanks for the tip and for being an amazing leader at Rising Tide in SaTx. 😘

  3. […] – Add alt tags to every image (here’s a great tip from Tech Savvy Creative on how to do that quickly!) […]

  4. Ravi Singh says:

    Alt text is doing a very vital role in Seo. I always use to mention the information of image and targeted keyword in the alt tag. Alt tag or text are really very important for Image reading by Google bots. Thanks for sharing this information which is very useful and most of people just missed it, but you helped a lot. Subscribed your blog.

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